We are an Authorized Distributor of Omni-Max All Natural Liquid Fertilizer 6-3-3 and an organic 2-2-2. Our product is a fish-based, all-natural, liquid fertilizer that enhances and re-energizes microbial activity in the soil for the optimal nutritional uptake to the plant resulting in the purest crops available.

Omni-Max also restores the soil’s ability to produce strong and healthy plants even after its energy has been depleted from the heavy use of chemical fertilizers. Contact us today for soil analysis and pasture fertilization.


Full line of Omni-Max fertilizers available in a variety of container sizes.

Pasture: No need to move grazing animals from the pasture (unless a bull doesn’t like your tractor!). This helps to bring in the micronutrients animals need for a healthy diet.

Sports Fields: Safe to use around sports fields. No harmful ingredients for parents to worry about.

Garden: This is where Omni-Max really shines! Stronger plants, greater yields, better tasting fruits and vegetables, and no chemicals to harm those intended for consumption.

Fruit Trees: Helps to promote tree growth and fruit yield. Expect better tasting and larger fruits. It also helps to reduce pests and the need for chemical pesticides.

Time Savings: Omni-Max can be mixed with herbicides, growth regulators, and pesticides to reduce the number of trips across the field or farm.

Norris Farms Owner Is A Believer!

Lynn Norris, owner of Norris Farms in Hokes Bluff, Alabama was preparing to propagate 8,000 tomato plants. Although he was very satisfied with his fertilization plan at that time, he allowed us to add a proper mix of Omni-Max with water to a flat of seeds he had just planted. Several weeks passed. He called us to say, “I’m a believer in Omni-Max!” A few weeks later, he called again to ask, “What’s in that stuff? I want more and I want it now!” Lynn’s second success with Omni-Max was with his strawberry crop. Watch the video below to hear what he had to say!

Norris Farms owner is “a believer” in Omni-Max!


The 4 oz. Omni-Max strawberries test batch on the left dwarfs the control batch on the right. Leaves are bigger, stems are stronger, and the color is richer. Courtesy, Lynn Norris, owner of Norris Farms, Hokes Bluff, Alabama.
Omni-Max applied to the squash test batch on the left with the control batch on the right. The healthier plants are obviously on the left. Courtesy, Lynn Norris, owner of Norris Farms, Hokes Bluff, Alabama.

St. John’s Farm Owner Touts Benefits of Omni-Max All Natural Fertilizer on Peaches

St. Johns Farm owner is convinced that Omni-Max produces his best peach crops!

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