Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Omni-Max as a complete replacement for chemical fertilizers I previously used?

Yes, you can. Omni-Max provides Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium as well as micronutrients so it can replace chemical fertilizers.

I have seen other products that claim to stimulate the soil and microbial activity but contain no N, P, or K. How is Omni-Max different from these products?

Omni-Max stimulates soil and microbial activity AND delivers N,P, and K where other soil amendments do not. Using Omni-Max achieves both fertilization and building up the soil structure simultaneously.

Can Omni-Max be used to rehabilitate depleted soils?

Yes. Omni-Max is used successfully to replenish depleted soils. Whether depleted due to lack of fertilization or soil has problems with bound nutrients not available to plants due to repeated use of chemical fertilizers, Omni-Max can successfully treat damaged and depleted soils. Its beneficial microbes and enzymes stimulate the soil structure by reducing compaction and improving water retention as well as promoting generation of organic matter.

Is it necessary to only apply Omni-Max right before the rain to prevent burning?

No. Omni-Max is an organic fertilizer and if properly applied will not burn your plants or crops and does not require rain after an application. Rain is generally helpful in further diluting Omni-Max into the soil but rain is not required prior to application.

I have heard that Omni-Max can help reduce the impact of some funguses and also with pests – is this true?

University studies have shown that fish hydrolysate fertilizers such as Omni-Max have shown to reduce plant funguses and the impact of some pests when applied in a foliar manner. We do not claim Omni-Max to be a fungicide or pesticide but it can help with both.

Before I plant my crops I spray herbicides and/or pesticides in my fields. Since Omni-Max can also be broadcast sprayed as a pre-plant fertilizer, can I combine my herbicide and/or pesticide in the same mix tank with Omni-Max and water so I can get everything done in one application?

Yes, you can combine Omni-Max with herbicides and pesticides and apply everything at once, however a precautionary note. Perform a mix test in a small container using representative ratios of Omni-Max, water, and other additives to make sure there is no clumping or inconsistencies in the combined mixture. To date, we have not observed any problems with commonly used herbicides and pesticides but test to be certain.

With Omni-Max’s having a long nutrient release of 12-16 weeks, can I overlap applications to get additional nutrients to my plants by fertilizing every 30 or 45 days?

Yes, you can overlap applications. Overlapping applications are frequently performed to get additional nutrients to crops in later stages of growth or fruit development. Just take into account how much Omni-Max is needed for the entire growth cycle, then break down your applications as needed. For example, a crop that requires 6 gallons per acre total, you could apply 3 gallons per acre as a pre-plant application, another 2 gallons per acre after 30 days, then a 1 gallon per acre foliar application 30 days before harvest. Refer to crop-specific application rates as a guide.