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Soil Health = Plant Health

Some of the services we provide:

  • Weed control
  • All-natural fertilization
  • Certified organic fertilization
  • Overseeding
  • Core aeration
  • On-site soil analysis
  • Pasture fertilization

Green Fields Forever can reduce the chemical input in your
yard by 20-40% per year. It is general practice to use a chemical fertilizer
for the greening of your grass. Most companies us a high nitrogen fertilizer
for the greening of the grass. These types of fertilizers don’t help the soil
enrichment. It slows or restricts the microbes from working like they are
suppose too. Yes, the grass is green, but the soil is weakened to transfer the
nutrients to the plants needed from the soil. That is why most yards need a lot
of nutrients or a high NPK to grow grass. On the bags of fertilizer for
example: 32-0-0 or 10-10-10 are chemical fertilizers that do not help with the
microbes in the soil. Generally, plants don’t care where they get their big
nutrients from. They do care where they get their micronutrients from. With
better soil conditions it will help promote better water retention and be more
drought tolerant. (This will not happen overnight.) It takes a good root
structure to accomplish this. Chemical fertilizers only use about 10-15% of the
actual nutrients in its formula. With these fertilizers added over the years it
slowly deteriorates the soil quality. This is where Green Fields Forever comes
in to play.

Green Fields Forever uses an all-natural liquid fertilizer
that enhances the microbial activity in the soil. It helps to wake up tired and
over utilized soil. Much of the chemical fertilizers, grass clippings, and
thatch that has been sitting dormant in the soil will be activated or broken
down so it can be utilized for the plants. Omni-Max is an all-natural
fish-based liquid fertilizer that will introduce billions of microbes back into
the soil. It is like the probiotic for the soil.

As the soil has been depleted of these microbes over the years it may take a
little while to recoup soil nutrients. With a few applications of Omni-Max it
will help rebuild the microbes and organic matter back into the soil. Omni-Max
can be used as a foliar application or as a soil drench for fertilization
needs. As the microbes are built back up it will help break down thatch and
grasses left from mowing. As they are broken down it will help naturally build
up nutrients for the growing grass. With multiple applications it will help
rebuild your soil for grass and plants to thrive.

Omni-Max is a safe high-quality fertilizer that is safe around humans and
pets. It is safe for pollinating insects. Omni-Max is a great all-natural
alternative for your chemical fertilizers.

If you would like to reduce the chemical inputs in your yard please give us
a call for your free quote.