Lalitha 21

LALITHA 21® is a scientifically formulated microbial soil inoculant created at Michigan State University and exclusively licensed to Acela Biotek for worldwide manufacturing and distribution. LALITHA 21® is protected by two United States Patents (8822190 & 9615584).

​Similar to how microbes in probiotic foods can improve the health of your digestive system, the beneficial microbes in LALITHA 21® help the plants access and digest nutrients that already exist in nature. Better nutrient uptake leads to healthier plants, faster growth & development, early maturity, longer productive life, and increased yields while reducing the need for chemical fertilizers & pesticides.

By boosting the soil humus level, the microbes in LALITHA 21® improve both nutrients and moisture retention in the soil, helping the plants to better cope with environmental stress. Field results have shown elevated soil moisture levels, reducing the need for irrigation in drought conditions. Also, the plants show better freeze resistance in cold climates.

​LALITHA 21® rebuilds the structure of poor soil and restores the fertility of depleted soil. Over time, soil that has been severely damaged through prolonged overuse of chemicals is restored to its natural healthy state.

Proven to Deliver Broad-Spectrum of Results. 

For over 10 years, LALITHA 21® has been used in commercial farms, nurseries, grazing pastures, athletic fields, greenhouses, and in the fields of full-time users. For over 100 crop types, LALITHA 21® has delivered financial benefits to the users in the form of significant savings from water and chemical reduction, while experience and substantial return on investment (ROI) from yield increases.

LALITHA 21® contains only naturally occurring beneficial soil microbes with absolutely no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). It is non-toxic and non-pathogenic. LALITHA 21® is approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production with no restrictions.

​LALITHA 21® is backed by US patents and a large body of scientific studies, greenhouse tests, and field trials. Our technology has been used in real-life applications throughout the world.

LALITHA 21® is based on the only technology that has been verified and proven in actual use to deliver such broad-spectrum benefits.

Boosting Soil Micro-Organisms in the Natural Production of Nutrients

Our microbial products are a combination of naturally occurring non-pathogenic beneficial bacteria and fungi that create an optimal soil environment to help the plants better handle environmental stress. At every stage of a plant’s growth cycle, our microbial formulation preserves the vital nutrients and beneficial insects in the soil that are needed to improve plant development, helping them better cope with adverse conditions of drought, frost, high salinity and other environmental factors that can impede growth and endanger the health of the plants.