Randy St John, owner of St Johns Farm in Clanton, Alabama touts the benefits to his peach orchard using all natural Omni-Max fish hydrolysate fertilizer.
Alabama farmer, Lynn Norris, is a believer in Omni-Max 6-3-3!
This is what watermelon should taste like! Grown with love and Omni-Max 6-3-3.
We want our strawberries from Norris Farms where they used Omni-Max 6-3-3!
Farmer, Lynn Norris, talks about the amazing growth of his crop after applying Omni-Max 6-3-3.
We’re vising Lynn Norris, owner of Norris Farms in Hokes Bluff, Alabama. He absolutely loves using Omni-Max 6-3-3 on all his crops!

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