Omni-Max 6-3-3

Omni-Max 6-3-3 is one of the strongest liquid fish products on the market. Omni-Max liquid all-natural fertilizer is a powerful fish-based hydrolysate liquid fertilizer that delivers a comprehensive and potent nutrient package to benefit crops and the soil.  Omni-Max is produced from an advanced cold enzymatic digestion process that preserves the beneficial microbes and enzymes of the fish.  The resulting liquid fish hydrolysate is a concentrated amino-acid formulation that efficiently delivers both macro and micronutrients in a sustained release formulation that provides balanced nutrient delivery for up to 4 months.  Unlike chemical fertilizers that are often packaged in salt-based carriers that result in heavy losses and low nutrient uptake, Omni-Max has a near 100% absorption rate.  The beneficial microbes and enzymes efficiently penetrate depleted soils to help reduce soil compaction and increase moisture retention.  Used season-to-season, Omni-Max will stimulate soil activity and help replenish depleted soils.  The beneficial microbes and enzymes in Omni-Max along with the amino acid content will also help release bound nutrients already in the soil. Omni-Max is all you need for your farm, garden, and plants.